Disk Space and Bandwidth Policy

What Do You Mean By Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space?

As of June 2009, D9 Hosting no longer puts a set limit on disk space and bandwidth usage for the shared hosting plan. Our shared hosting plan has been created to give personal and small business websites all the resources they need to keep a stable online web presence.

As the service is a shared service, we do require all users be compliant with our terms of service and utilize the disk space and bandwidth in relation to the running of a normal personal or small business website.

Whilst very rare, there are times when we find accounts that go beyond "normal usage". This then starts to snowball to a point where it adversely effects other users and websites on the same server. If an account goes beyond "normal usage" we will contact the customer and recommend an alternative plan.

What If My Site Goes Beyond "Normal Usage"?

We have monitoring systems in place that run on all our shared servers, these measure the server load, memory usage, and much more. If our system finds an account going beyond normal usage limits, a member of our team will look into it and see what action, if any should be taken.

If we do find that an account is adversely effecting other customers, we will work with the customer to move the account to a more suitable hosting plan.

What Exactly Is Normal Usage?

Normal usage means that you operate a personal or small/medium business website that utilizes resources in a manner similar to our other shared hosting customers. As an example, the hosting requirements of a website streaming thousands of multimedia files are not the same as those of personal/small business websites and their resource requirements would not be considered normal for our shared hosting plan. A further example would be the storage of large numbers of multimedia, or ZIP files that are not associated with your website, our shared hosting plan must not be used as an online storage/backup solution, all hosted files must be associated with your website.

Why Are You Telling Me This?

We like to be upfront with our customers, any host offering you unlimited storage and bandwidth will have similar policies in place, but we prefer to be upfront with you, rather than hiding everything in the small print!

These guidelines are not put in place to "catch you out", each site on our shared service could potentially impact thousands of other customers if no guidelines were in place. Having these guidelines allows us to provide you with the excellent service D9 Hosting is renowned for!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.