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About The D9 Team Meet The Faces Behind The Keyboards

D9 Hosting was set up in 2007 by long time business partners Dan Thompson and Paula Brett. In early 2007 Dan and Paula agreed that they were frustrated and tired of dealing with unreliable hosting companies that offered unacceptable downtime and slow, unprofessional support and decided to do something about it. After extensive research and market testing, D9 Hosting was launched.

Whilst they were always quietly confident that D9 Hosting could become a successful small business, they couldn't have predicted the growth that was to follow. D9 Hosting has gone from having a handful of local web design clients, to hosting tens of thousands of websites for clients in over 55 countries.

Since the company's inception, D9 Hosting has always tried to keep focus on the main core values that were set out when the company was founded:

  • Friendly, Fast, Professional support staff
  • Reliable Servers
  • Affordable Service

  • By sticking to the core values listed above, D9 Hosting has managed to successfully gain not only new customers, but also has a very impressive customer retention record, which couldn't have been achieved without sticking these core values.

    It's impossible to list all of our hard working staff members, but you can read a bit about the founders and some of our longest serving team members below.

    Dan Thompson

    Dan Thompson - Owner & Support Manager

    Dan graduated in 2005 with a HND in business information technology and had been designing websites since the tender age of 13, prior to creating D9 Hosting in 2007. When not monitoring servers and answering support tickets, Dan is usually found on a football or cricket pitch playing for his local teams. He is also a keen chef, and reckons he could give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money...much to the delight of his wife and daughter!

    Paula Brett

    Paula Brett - Owner & CS Manager

    Paula trained as an actress and after giving up theatre and TV work to bring up her two sons, she set up a medical secretarial consultancy where she provided services to some of London’s top private physicians. During this time, she started selling on eBay as an hobby and soon became a well-respected expert in eBay, online marketing and online customer service. Paula now works full-time overseeing the day to day running of D9 Hosting, as well as heading up the Accounts and Customer Service teams. In her spare time you'll find Paula going back to her roots, acting and singing in productions in and around London.

    Sunjith Sukumaran

    Sunjith Sukumaran - Lead Developer

    Sunjith holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Engineering and has been working as D9 Hosting's lead software developer since 2009. Sunjith was originally hired back in 2009 for a single development job but he was so good that we've not been able to get rid of him and he's been working with us ever since. As if being a full time developer wasn't enough work, Sunjith is also a black belt in Karate and runs his own Karate and Swimming schools.

    Bachchan James

    Bachchan James - Senior Systems Administrator

    Bachchan holds an Engineering Degree in Computer Science and has been in charge of keeping D9 Servers up and running since 2009. What Bachchan doesn't know about Linux servers isn't worth knowing and we're truly lucky to have him working away in the background making sure everything stays up and running. When he's not got his head buried in servers, Bachchan enjoys playing Basketball, Football and taking care of his two young children Jake and Elizabeth.

    Kevin Thomas

    Kevin Thomas - Tech Support Team Leader

    Kevin joined D9 Hosting in May 2011 as a member of our technical support team and has since risen through the ranks to become a Technical Support team leader. Kevin holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and is also a certified Red Hat engineer. We've yet to find a technical support issue that he hasn't been able to resolve! As well as being a Linux Server guru, Kevin is also a massive Arsenal football club fan. So when he's not busy solving support issues you'll find him ranting about Arsenal's latest defeat #wengerout

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