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Domain ID Protect Protect Your Identity From Scammers & Spammers

The D9 ID Protect product allows you to shield your real identity from Whois Search stalkers and spam bots. Currently, whenever you register a domain name, your details, including, name, address, phone number and email address are displayed in the public "Whois" database. This database can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection, take a look for yourself by clicking here.

Not only is this a massive security risk, but it also allows spam bots to harvest your email address and send you copious amounts of spam emails.

We know how important your online privacy is, ID protect works in the same way as having your phone number "unlisted" - it prevents people from gaining access to your address, phone number, and other private information. Take a look at the 2 Whois listings below - the listing on the left is unprotected, and the listing on the right is using ID protect:

ID Protect

How Does ID Protect Work?

Shields your Private Information

ID protect ensures that your private contact information is not exposed. It is held in confidence and protected by the Domain Privacy Protection Service. Their contact information is displayed to provide you with the highest level of protection against spammers and identity theft.

Dynamic eMail System which stops spammers dead in their tracks

Without ID Protect, spammers can obtain your email address from harvesting and then use it for spamming purposes and redistribution to marketing firms. Your email address can stay on file with various spammers and marketing firms for years. Due to eNom's dynamic email system, the visible email address is constantly changing, so while it is being harvested and redistributed, it will change and the previous address will no longer work for the spammer. The Domain Privacy Protection Service secures and maintains your real email address on file so you receive important information regarding your domain.

Offering you Complete Control

You retain full legal ownership and control over your domain name. You can sell, renew, transfer and change settings to your domain name just the same as before. Your D9 Hosting domain control panel provides you real-time access to easily manage your domain name.

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