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Did You Know That Your Computer's Hard Drive IS Going To Die?

It may die today, tomorrow, next month, next year or maybe in 5 to 10 year's time, if you're really lucky. The point is that it is guaranteed to die at some point in the future - nobody has yet been able to design a hard drive that lives forever!


So, it isn't a case of when your hard drive in your PC or Laptop dies, it's a case of when.

That's why it's vital to ensure you have a good backup strategy in place to protect your computers against the data loss that would be caused by your hard drive going KABOOM!

So How Do You Prepare For Your Hard Drive Dying?


We're always shouting this from the roof tops over at D9 HQ but it's amazing how many people still don't have a decent backup solution in place for their business and/or home computers.

The most common way for people to back up their home computers is to periodically copy any important files over to an external hard drive or USB memory stick. This is fine until you forget to backup for a few weeks/months/years and when it comes to restoring your data everything is out of date. Plus, what happens if there is a disaster (Flood, Fire, Explosion, Earthquake, Alien Attacks, etc) on the premises that contains your computer and the external drive? The backups would be lost!

The better option would be to use some software to automate these backups so you know that when your hard drive does die you at least have the most recent data available for you to restore.

This is where the D9 Cloud Backup Software comes in handy – you simply install a tiny program on your computer (Windows or Mac) and you can then automatically back up your data safely and securely to our Cloud Platform.

Our Cloud Backup Software is powered by Acronis, a world leader in business backup software. Once this software is installed on your local machine, it will connect to your D9 Cloud Backup space and back up your data at an interval set by you; this can be every Hour, Day, Week or Month. You can choose to back up your entire machine or select specific files or folders to back up.

Backing up your data to the Cloud means that your data is stored safely and securely offsite, and allows you to access your data from anywhere in the world via your easy to use online control panel.

Cloud Backup Software

Cloud Backup Software

Best of all it’s fully automated, so simply use the D9 Cloud Backup software to set up a new Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly backup task and then sit back as all your data gets silently backed up to the Cloud whilst you continue with your day to day work whilst no longer having to worry about the hassle of backing up your data.

Check out the video below to see just how easy this software is to set up and use:

Included Features


  • Backup an Entire Machine or Specific Files/Folders
  • Safe & Secure Online Cloud Backups
  • Windows, Mac & Linux Compatible
  • Ability To Backup Locally To External Hard Drives
  • Manage Backups Anywhere via an Online Control Panel
  • Option To Compress Files Before Uploading To Save Bandwidth
  • Access & Restore Files Anywhere in the World
  • Lightweight Software Doesn’t Slow Your Computer Down

Cloud Backup Space Plans and Pricing

Our most popular packages are listed below but we can also provide larger backup storage options if needed. So please contact us for a quote if you require more storage space. The 25 GB plan is billed annually due to the low amounts involved.

25 GB Backup Space

From $7.00 /month

100 GB Backup Space

From $13.00 /month

250 GB Backup Space

From $25.00 /month
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