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Goodbye Spam!Eliminate 99.9% of spam for just £1.95 per month

Secure your mailboxes from spam, viruses, phishing and malware attacks

All incoming email is scanned by our Cloud Based Email Spam Filter before it hits your mailbox. Any spam messages get quarantined, which means only genuine emails ever arrive in your inbox.

Eliminates ALL Spam & Viruses

Research tells us that around 80% of all email traffic is spam, meaning only 20% of mail you look at in your inbox is from a genuine sender. Our email spam filter eliminates ALL junk email before it hits your inbox meaning 100% of the mail that reaches your inbox is from a genuine sender.

99.9% Spam Detection Rate

Our spam filter offers an industry leading 99.9% spam detection rate, leading to almost 0 false positives. This unmatched filtering success rate has been built up by processing millions of emails each second of the day so we know exactly what's spam, and what's not!

Online Quarantine & Reporting

We provide all users with an easy to use online control panel that allows you to view all emails that have been quarantined as spam, view the total number of emails that have been filtered, set up domain or user based whitelists, and much, much more besides.

Very Easy To Set Up

The Set Up couldn't be easier, simply point your MX records towards our Spam Filter and we do the rest! The spam filter works with ANY type of mailserver, meaning you can protect any of your domains using the spam filter even if you don't host them with D9 Hosting!

  • Protects Your IT Systems From The Bad Guys!

    Spam emails containing malicious attachments and links are becoming harder and harder to spot. Opening just one of these attachments or links can infect your system with malware and viruses. Our spam filter stops these emails from ever reaching your inbox, thus eliminating the threat to the end user.

  • No More Lost Emails!

    Using the D9 Hosting spam filter adds an extra layer of redundancy to your email set up. Never again do you need to miss an email due to your mail server being down. When the destination mail server is unreachable, our Spam filtering systems queue inbound email in our fully redundant Cloud Cluster and will deliver it to your mailbox once your mail server is back online.

  • Detects New Spam And Malware Outbreaks Immediately

    As our Spam Filter is hosted “in the Cloud” it allows us to instantly detect new patterns and identify new spam outbreaks. This allows us to instantly roll out new algorithms to the Spam Filter to protect all users against new threats before they reach your mailboxes.

  • Save Time & Increase Productivity

    Can you imagine how many hours you waste each year just deleting spam emails from your inbox? With the D9 Spam Filtering system lost time in dealing with spam is reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing you to fully concentrate on your other online tasks

How Many Domains Would You Like To Protect?

*If protecting 5 domains or less, you will be billed annually rather than monthly due to the low amounts involved

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